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Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation (CAITEC) is an inter-disciplinary and multifunctional institution of social science research and a consultative body directly under the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) of China. Its undertakings cover research, information consultancy, publishing, education and training.

CAITEC traces back to August 1948 when the Chinese Institute for International Economics was established in Hong Kong. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, the institute moved to Guangzhou and relocated in Beijing in 1952. The present CAITEC is a consolidation based on the two rounds of institutional integration in 1997 and 2002. Over the past six decades, CAITEC had played a remarkable role in China’s economic and trade development research and had been highly recognized both at home and abroad.

CAITEC has a qualified research and consultant team. More than120 of its staff have got master’s degrees or above, and over 30 of its researchers have been awarded the special government allowances of the State Council for their outstanding academic achievements. Dozens of its staff are now working at the economic and commercial counsellor’s offices of the Chinese embassies or consulates and international organizations.

CAITEC has developed connections with a wide range of research and educational institutions, businesses and non-governmental intermediary agencies.

Aiming to be among the top at home and well-known in the world in economic research, CAITEC had endeavored to strengthen its research team through innovation over the past years. It is now regarded as one of the most influential think tanks in economic and trade research in China, with a competent research team and numerous achievements.

Covering an area of more than 20,000 square meters, CAITEC is located next to the Ditan (or the Temple of Earth) Park, and has a garden-like compound and a well-equipped lecture hall with a seating capacity of 300. It has a library of over 100,000 volumes and 1,000 periodicals. The library covers 2,000 square meters of floor space.


CAITEC pursues the notion of “acquiring knowledge by making a thorough inquiry into the nature of things and fostering righteousness by following the TAO” as its motto, and seeks to “serve the government decision making, serve the local economy and serve the business development”. It provides decision-making advices to the government departments, business community and non-governmental organizations in the fields of international economy, trade, investment, distribution and consumption, and takes on a significant role in policy recommendations on deepening the reform and opening up and enhancing China’s ties with rest of the world.


Economic and trade research and information services
1.The basic theoretical research on international issues, and the research on world economy and politics, foreign affairs and international relations, international trade, economic cooperation, regional economy, country economy, domestic trade and market development.
2.Economic information products development, information networking and market investigations.
3.Editing, publishing and issuing professional books and periodicals in the field of economy and trade.
4.Master’s degrees education in international trade and international finance, and professional and technical trainings in the field of economy and trade.
5.Exhibitions and business fairs.

CAITEC, as the single research body of the Ministry of Commerce, has undergone a significant reshuffling in line with the new developments in recent years in which China is growing into a big trading power, Ministry of Commerce is transforming from a specialized economic department to a comprehensive one, information channels are diversifying and research institutions are becoming increasingly pluralistic. Over the past years, CAITEC has made remarkable achievements in the research on deepening reform and opening up. First, it provides advice for government decision making. It has carried out strategic and policy studies, development planning and industrial programing analyses for MOFCOM and governments at various levels, and has accomplished a series of prospective and strategic research projects for them. Second, it provides services for community and business development. It has compiled and released a series of reports on industrial development, commerce development, country and data analyses, etc. It helps the businesses to make development strategy, provides data consultancy and trainings to them and helps them to expand business abroad. Third, it launches a wide range of academic exchanges. It has developed ties with a great number of research institutions, universities and enterprises, and conducts scholar exchanges with them. It organizes academic conferences, seminars and press conferences; some of its staff members are frequently interviewed by the main stream media.

Reports and Journals



China Commerce and Trade Press (CCTP), established in January 1980, is a professional publishing company under the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China at a central level. CCTP has published and distributed plenty of books on economy, trade, finance, commodities, markets, investment, and labor cooperation. In addition, academic works and translated books on foreign trade, economic cooperation, laws and regulations, documents on foreign trade and economic cooperation, data, series, training materials, practical series and foreign language reference have been published by CCTP. The company’s publications also include periodicals, directories, almanacs, pamphlets on foreign trade and economic cooperation, books closely related to the economic lives.