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Dr. SONG Wei


·       Tel: 86-10-64515062

·       E-mail:


·       Associate ResearchFellow, Institute of Development Assistance, Chinese Academy of InternationalTrade and Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Commerce, PRC


·       Researcher, Africansin China/ Chinese in Africa Research Network, U.S.

·       Researcher, High levelThink-tank of Central Compilation & Translation Bureau, PRC


·       Post-doctoral Fellowon Global Governance, Central Compilation & Translation Bureau, PRC

August 2012-Sep.2015

·       Doctor’s Degree inPolitical Science, China Foreign Affair University, PRC                        

Sep.2008- June. 2012

·       Fulbright Scholar on AfricanStudies, Columbia University, New York City, U.S.

August 2010- May. 2011

·       Master’s Degree inPolitical Science, China Foreign Affair University,PRC

Sep.2006- June 2008                                  

·       Minor in French, BeijingInternational Studies University, PRC

Sep.2004- June 2006

·       Bachelor’ Degree inManagement, Beijing International Studies University, PRC  

Sep.2002- June 2006  



·       English: Chinese-English Interpreter, TEM8

·       French: CET4


·       Best Researcher of ChineseAcademy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, 2015.

·       National Best Post-DoctoralThesis on Political Science, awarded for the paper “The Origin of China’s Participation in African Governance,” 2014.

·       Best Post-DoctoralFellow of Central Compilation & Translation Bureau, 2013.

·       Best Article ofNational Commerce Development Research, awarded by China’s Ministry ofCommerce, for the paper “From Ignoranceto Overall Focus: The Driving Forces behind the U.S. Economic Policy towardSub-Sahara Africa in the Post-Cold War Era,”2013.

·       Fulbright Scholar, awarded by StateDepartment of United States, 2010.

PROJECTS PRESIDING                                                      

·       “A Study of China's Support for Strengthening African GovernmentCapacity-building in Africa: the Perspective of Development Cooperation,”granted by National Social ScienceFoundation of China (15CGJ015), June 2015-March 2018.

·       “A Study of the Effectiveness on China’s ForeignAssistance toward Africa,” granted by ChinaPost-Doctoral Science Foundation (2013M530672),Sep.2013- June 2015.

·       “U.S. Foreign Policy toward Africa and its co-efficiencyon African Governance,” granted by SocialScience Foundation of Central Compilation & Translation Bureau (12B08), Sep.2012- June 2015.


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·       “Lifting Sino-African agricultural cooperation,” Global Times (19th Dec. 2016).


·       The Documentation of the World's Major Political Parties:Kenya (Beijing: Central Compilation& Translation Press, 2015).

·       The Documentation of the World's Major Political Parties:Nigeria (Beijing: Central Compilation& Translation Press, 2015).

The Documentation of the World's Major PoliticalParties: South Africa (Beijing: CentralCompilation& Translation Press, 2016).