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Li Jun

Educational Background and Degrees

Doctor of International Trade in University of International Business and Economics.

Institute/Center:Strategy and Policy Research Department, Institute of International Trade in Services

Posts:Vice Director、Associate Research Fellow

Research Areas:Foreign Trade Strategy and Policy, International Trade in Services

Curriculum Vitae

Lijun(Si Chuan), PhD in economics, vice director, associate research fellow.

◆Working in the fields of foreign trade strategy and policy, regional open economy development, and free trade zone, since 2005.

◆Focusing on international trade in services, intellectual property rights in international trade, in recent years.

◆Leading in one research program funded by National Social Science Fund and two ministerial research programs. Participating in tens of national and provincial research programs.

◆Publishing one book as co-author, one book as executive editor and tens of compositions in core journals.

◆During 2006-2014, nearly ten articles are rewarded by Chinese Ministry of Commerce, International Trade Association, and CAITEC. Being rewarded as Excellent Staff and Outstanding Scientific Research Workers by CAITEC for several times.

◆In 2014, the article of promoting export in services caused the attentions of Prime Minister Li Keqiang and vice Prime Minister Wangyang.

Main Studies/Main Projects (since 2013)

1)Leading in National Social Science Fund project, "Policy research on enhancing the ability of exporting services", June, 2014-Dec. 2015.

2)Leading in project by SIPO, "trade policy study under the system of powerful countries in Intellectual Property Rights", May, 2013-March, 2014.

3)Leading in project by SIPO, "Research on strategies and tasks of improving the international influence in Intellectual Properties Rights." May 2014-March 2015

4)Participating in tens of projects funded by Chinese Ministry of Commerce, and local governments.

Publications(Books/Articles)(since 2013)

1)"Key development strategy, main tasks and policy advices of Chinese service trade", International Business research, 6th in 2013.

2)"With all forces to cover the shortage of service trade", Business Research Report, March 24th 2014.

3)"Coordination between service trade and service industry: current situation, problems and proposals", Journal of Capital University of Economics and Business, 5th in 2014

4)"Proposals to service exports supported by public finance", Key Results Report (edited by the Office of National Social Science Fund) , Sep 11th 2014.

5)"Thinking and proposals on promoting the intellectual property rights project", Research and Reference (edited by Policy research office in Ministry of Commerce), Nov. 2015.

6)"From 'revitalizing trade through technology' to 'revitalizing trade through intellectual property rights'", International Trade, 1st in 2015.

Awards and Distinctions

Seven articles were awarded in competitions organized by Ministry of Commerce, POCIB and so on.

Advanced Individuals and Advance Scientific Research Workers awarded by CAITEC in 2007, 2013.

Concurrent Posts

Master tutor of international business, in Beijing Forestry University.

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