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Mao Xiaojing

Educational Background and Degrees

M. A. in Department of International Economics and Trade, Beijing Second

Institute of Foreign Languages, 2002

B.A. in Department of English Language Literature and Culture, Beijing Second

Institute of Foreign Languages, 1999

Institute/Center:Institute of International Development Cooperation

Posts: Deputy Director, Associate Research Fellow

Research Areas:China's foreign aid policies and practices, trends of international development cooperation, aid policies and practices of DAC members and emerging donors

Main Studies/Main Projects

The White Papers on China's Foreign Aid (2011 and 2014);

Mid-term Guidance on China's Aid to Papua New Guinea

Research on China's Human Resource Development Cooperation Mid-term Plan

Research on Constructing China's Overall Foreign Aid Statistics System and Reporting Mechanism;

Research on Improving China's Foreign Aid Plan and Budget Management

Research on Aid for Trade and Suggestions on China's Standpoints;

Trends of International Development Cooperation and Their References to China's Foreign Aid;

An Overall Introduction to Major and Emerging Donors;

China's Foreign Aid Reforms and Development in the New Era;

Judging Africa Economic Development and Sino-Africa Cooperation from an Economic Globalization View;


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